Allow and uphold complaints against misleading front page newspaper headlines on dementia and other conditions, irrespective of the article context.

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In 2015 I took out a complaint against the Daily Express and their misleading front page headlines on dementia with the The Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). Unfortunately the complaint was not upheld as IPSO judged that 'read in their full context, the headlines were not significantly misleading' This basically means a newspaper may get away with printing over-blown, stigmatising and scaremongering headlines as long as the article counters this for example: 'Drinking coffee COULD help to prevent memory loss, one of the main symptoms of dementia' - the front page headline to this article was                           'COFFEE FIGHTS ALZHEIMER'S'  In light of the flood of misleading, disproportionate headlines about Alzheimer's Disease being infectious via surgery or blood transfusions on 10th September 2015, headlines must now be allowed to be challenged in their own right. IPSO do not allow appeals against their decisions and therefore this petition is the logical next step. Please sign and share this petition and together we can #dementiaDO something about the distress, misery, stigma and false hope generated by these headlines. Thank you. Andy Tysoe aka @dementiaboy