Intolerance & Violence

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I am a concerned citizen. Everyday I see an increasingly alarming trend of tolerance for intolerance.

As an angry adult I don’t want to be stripped of my personal freedom to eat & drink what I wish.

As a helpless citizen I watch perpetrators of heinous violence (both physical & verbal) against the ‘other’ get away not only with impunity but I also watch them reaping political rewards.

As an alarmed citizen I watch the political will & narrative becoming more & more vicious.

As an informed citizen I see a rise in religious fundamentalism & majoritarianism that historically has ruined civilisations.

As a hapless citizen I am watching civility & human rights being trampled upon everyday almost by political will.

I fear that the independence of the judiciary, executive and the police has been so decimated that they have become political puppets that we citizens can no longer turn to.

These are my fears and concerns as I wake up each day to an India that I live but no longer recognise. 

Mr Kejriwal as a crusader & powerful game changer, I would like you to exert your authority to try and right these wrongs & turn the clock back to an INDIA that allows us all to breathe easily and live freely.

Create a political space devoid of ego and petty politics in which the only reward is public service and the greater good.