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Restore, and leave the Pioneer Cabin Where it sits and protect the historic site!!

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The Historic Pioneer Spring Log Cabin, also known as the Brady Cabin is in need of some repairs. The City Council had 3 bid they discussed which were inappropriate since they involved moving and modifying the structure or storing the structure and lastly demolishing the structure.

I am asking people to demand by petition that the structure be restored where it sits, and that the entire Pioneer Springs Site be restored and protected as  a Historical Site, and to NOT be modified to be used as a merchant, and to NOT be given away.

This site is more then the Log Cabin, its also a memorial to the Potawatomie Indians that were driven from indiana to Miami County in 1838 on the Trail of Death. This site also overlooks a spring to the west that was important for the settling of what was once called Big Springs and now known as Independence.

We can not wipe away our histroy. We can not give away our history. It may not be Lincoln's boyhood log cabin like Mayor Eileen Weir said but it was the home of one of Independence pioneers and is an example how people in our hometown once lived.

Independence is on the list of history in peril and we can not afford to loose another piece of our past.

If the Mayor and council can give away tax payer land for free to an attorney, if they can build a 3.3 million dollar farmers market, if they can spend 6 million more then they need to on Mo City that benefits a company associated to pacs that were major donor to Mayor Eileen Weir then they need to find $100,000.00  to restore the building though id argue it should be able to be done cheaper then that.


Petition to the Independence city Council :

We the Citizens of Independence hereby petition the Independence City Council to protect the currently designated historic site known as the Pioneer Springs Site Including the Spring, The Pioneer Log Cabin (also known as the Brady Cabin), and The Pottawatomie Indian Memorial from destruction, removal, salvage or move of any kind and to any other location. We further petition that the City Restore the Log Cabin and the site with all needed repairs and that a sufficient budget be established and allocated for the continual maintenance for the entire current Pioneer Springs Log Cabin site.






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