Ask Indeed to notify applicants of job posts that were removed for reports of fraud.

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John Meloche
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Scammers are targeting Indeed job seekers and Indeed does not have a policy to inform potential victims of crime they are possibly still at risk.

We are not aware of all types of ways scammers approach defrauding job seekers using Indeed, but the below information is my own personal experience.

So the way it works... Scammers impersonate legitimate companies and post a fake job posting on Indeed. The job seeker apply to the job and is instructed to communicate thru company email instead of Indeed platform.

A cheque, in the amount of $3,800.45, is sent to the unsuspecting victim through FedEx with a tracking number. It’s a illegitimate cheque containing signatures from a Vancouver-based law office. They too are being victimized by this scam.

The scammer asks the victim to deposit the cheque and keep his/her pay of $500.00, but then use the rest of the money to pay past due bills for the company. As you can imagine, this situation has sadly escalated with each passing day, forcing us to alert authorities.

We never have and never will sit idly by playing victim to any scam.

Even tho Indeed took down the posting. It was still up for 2 days. Which is the highest time for applicants.

To date, there has no official Indeed notice sent to possible victims who applied for the posting. They are still at risk and potentially dealing with the scammers even now. So this means that anyone who had applied for the position and is now communicating with the scammer is unaware they are an ongoing potential victim of crime.

We are calling on indeed to enact a policy which will inform job seekers if there was even an application they submitted their personal data to which was later discovered to be fraudulent or report for scams.

Indeed knows who has applied to every job. This should be easy for them. However as of today. If you ever apply for a job on Indeed and it is shutdown for fraud. You will never know your data was compromised and you may still be a victim.

Job seekers should be informed by the provider they are trusting with their data.

If Indeed knows that a job posted was attempting to rip off job seekers, it has a corporate responsibility to inform job seekers so they are not defrauded.

We are advocating it is Indeeds Corporate responsibility to inform job seekers who had applied to the posting. As of yet, Indeed has still not informed applicants to the fraudulent posting, and we think they should.

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