In all private sector 8 hrs job change in to 6 hrs its decrease 25% unemployment of India.

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Now in India all private sector 24hrs all this sector duty hrs 8 hrs means 24÷8=3 shift per day.if government take decision of 6 hrs duty so in all India 24÷6=4 shift work run. So in all industries 1 shift extra increase so vacancy for that shift in all industries.  So it's given job to unemployment pepole and minimize 25% unemployment of India. 


1 private company name xyz. Need 20 people for shift to handle so that company require 60 people for 24 hrs run.

If government take decision of 6hrs duty company require 4 shift staff mean 4× 20 = 80 means 20 people vacancy generate in this xyz company. 

So think how many vacancy generate in India for this Idea and also less hrs duty given employee to live happy life and think about new Idea for country. 


Jay hind 

Sanjay baraiya