Replace the military coup in Myanmar

Replace the military coup in Myanmar

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Started by Casey K

Conditions have 'worsened' in Myanmar following a military coup in February 2021, according to a UN human rights rapporteur. ... Entire villages have also been attacked using airstrikes, sieges and mass arson and civilians have been forced to serve as porters and human shields. 
The living conditions are abysmal due to the military being focused on maintaining power in the country rather than helping its citizens. 
Even in 2022 the conflict continues, it has to be put to a stop. Too many lives have been lost and others put in danger.  
Help share this petition and stop the violence. Restore democracy in Myanmar, a previous ally of the United States before the coup. 
China is following suit with Hong Kong and the conflict has to end. The people need to be freed of this tyranny. 

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10 have signed. Let’s get to 25!