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Increase the size of Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes to fit vinyl LPs!

The US Postal Service reported a $5.2 billion dollar loss in the 3rd quarter. Let's help them offset this loss by changing the packing size of their large square Priority Mail boxes to 13" x 13" x 6", so they can accommodate a VINYL LP record.

Those of us who ship and deal regularly with the post office are left with no options to efficiently ship records in a flat rate Priority Mail method, which would prove largely helpful in sending large batches of vinyl across the country and overseas.

As the Post Office will eventually move to eliminate Media Mail shipping among other services, it's crucial for small and independent record labels and stores to have a cost-efficient way to send vinyl records without having to waste even more money through companies like UPS or FedEx.

Sign this petition and help keep the Post Office and the independent music community thriving!


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  • Postmaster General, United States Postal Service
    The Honorable John E. Potter

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