Increase the capacity of LONG TERM VISA dates in the Embassy of Czech Republic in India.

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The Long Term Visa Date capacity of the Czech Republic Embassy in India is very less. Many students get there admission letters from Czech Universities but are unable to go and start there educational year there. This is because they don't get there required visa in time. The admission rate in Czech Universities are increasing every year but the visa capacity is the same. Therefore many students are retrived of the education in Czech Republic. The visa -acceptance ratio is also very less. Even though if a student get an appointment date, it is not sure that s/he will get there visa even if all their documents are correct. Many students are facing this problem for Czech Visas. Many a times it happens that the students take admission only in one university and because of the less visa dates they don't get a proper visa and their whole year is wasted. Parents also suffer from huge stress regarding the admission of their wards.  Thus the I request the Czech Embassy to increase the capacity of Visas for at least the students and also increase the visa acceptance ratio so that their year is not wasted and they can join the Czech Universities in time for their studies.

Thus I request you all to please support me in this petition and at least help the students to get visa in time as I myself is facing the same problem.