The right to have clinical rotations set in place for Nurse Practitioner Students.

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This change will impact the lives of many nurse practitioner students in a positive way. My former dean who has her DNP degree (Doctor of Nursing Practice) was accepted in FNP school and made it to the clinical portion. She looked for potential preceptors, but came up short and this caused her to stop pursuing a degree towards FNP. The field is flooded with students who are looking for preceptors. Students have changed their major because of the frustration because they could not find a preceptor. Medical students have their clinical sites setup and in order, and I feel as though it should be the same for nursing. Our profession has come a long way and we need more nurse practitioners practicing in this great country! We have quizzes, exams, weekly discussion boards, etc. to complete in an 8-16 week time frame along with trying to find preceptors. This only heightens the stress in our lives. Yes, there is a supply and demand issue, but this issue can be resolved as long as colleges, preceptors, and students collaborate to fix this issue.

We appreciate the preceptors who are taking on as many students as they can and we hope that you continue to make a difference in each of their lives. Pretty soon, we will see more Doctors and Nurse Practitioners retiring which means less providers. If we don’t fix this issue soon, we will see a major decrease in students pursuing this degree due to the setbacks that come with it (finding clinical sites). 

It has gotten to the point to where local brick and mortar schools have asked their Practitioner students to find their own preceptors. This petition represents more than just the Family Nurse Practitioner role. It represents all Nurse Practitioner specialties (Geriatric NP, Acute Care NP, Emergency Room NP, Pediatric NP, Women’s Health NP etc). 

I am asking for the public’s help on this matter, not only to increase awareness regarding the shortage of preceptors for NP students, but to pave the way for incoming students who have a desire to pursue the NP degree. We would like the school to help us secure clinical sites instead of competing against one another for preceptors. It should go back to the way it once was (the school has clinical contracts with XYZ hospital or clinic). Help this petition take flight, and help save your fellow NP student. 

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