Increase prevention and punishment for swatter harassment

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Swatting is the act of calling emergency line lying about the most extreme violent scenario(s) giving a victim(s) address to force law enforcement to launch a Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) force into the address with the malicious intent of hurting, possibly killing the person(s) at the victim(s) address.  With the increase of internet users this has become a tool used to harass and harm people in the real world by using law enforcement as the weapon.

Swatters can be found anywhere online, from an online video game all the way to perhaps a facebook or twitter comment.  Maybe someone watching an online entertainer livestreaming themselves playing a video game or vlogging their daily life, currently Swatting is a high reward/small risk for those who know what they are doing while online, just for the malicious intent of laughing at someone get a gun aimed at a victim point blank by law enforcement.  

Swatting is a huge waste of money and resources for tax payers as well as the law enforcers having to deal with such calls.  There currently are no prevention systems that can assist emergency lines and law enforcement determine whether a call is real or not, and by the time they arrive at the victim(s) address it is too late and their time is wasted, and the victim(s) are traumatized for the experience of having a Death Squad launched on them.

We ask world leaders, law makers, law enforcement, ISP (Internet Service Providers), VoIP (Voice Over IP) companies to come together to create, change laws and tools to help the prevention of such attacks.  Make people think twice before committing the crime of faking emergency calls to try and use law enforcement as their own personal army against people who they wish to torment in the real world. 

See when the "pranks" began, and how back then they "could" end up killing innocent people.

People have died due to Swatting, it is no longer okay to allow this trend to continue as is.  Please make the necessary changes to prevent any more loss of life due to these extreme attacks.