Increase Funding for Special Education Programs

Increase Funding for Special Education Programs

May 12, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Mads Jorgenson

Approximately 240 million kids worldwide have been diagnosed with a disability. 50 percent of these kids never step foot in a school. 30 percent of these kids ended up being wasted or stunted. Everyone has the right to proper high-quality education to live an enjoyable, flourishing life.

My name is Mads Jorgenson, I am a 17-year-old high school student finishing my senior year at Warman High School. Some would consider Warman High School a “resource-rich” school compared to other schools within the province and world, but this genuinely is not the case. 

Independence is the key for these kids to have a successful future. Technology is one of the best ways to introduce independence into these kids' lives. The problem? Within low-income countries, 1 in 20 kids has access to technology at home. Kids with disabilities in low-income homes are ultimately at a double disadvantage from day one.

Most of the time a low-Income country's education system provides a low-quality education to kids. They also offer little to no support to children with special needs. Why? One word, money.

Mrs. Lansford is the Special Education Teacher here at Warman High School. I had the opportunity to ask her a few questions about how the education system supports kids with disabilities here in Warman. She had some positive things to say but also suggested some much-needed improvements. 

Warman High School isn't 100 percent accessible to the physically challenged. For example, our library is not equipped with handicap-accessible doors. Another issue Mrs. Lansford informed me about was the transportation offered by the school division: “Right now transportation is a barrier for our school, I can't speak for other schools but we have a student who arrives 30 minutes after everyone else because there aren't enough wheelchair-accessible buses.” Missing 30 minutes a day over four years is equivalent to missing two weeks of in-class time. That is completely nonsensical. Physical disabilities are only one end of the complex spectrum.

Mental health affects how we think, feel, act, handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. “Mental health supports are huge. We need more mental health support… getting into a psychiatrist can be up to a one-year wait." Mental health is one of the most important contributors to a human's well-being. Not having access to mental health support at a young age can lead to possibly devastating consequences such as incarceration and suicide.

Kids with disabilities are 51 percent more likely to feel unhappy, and 41 percent more likely to feel discriminated against (UNICEF). Mental health supports are extremely valuable resources for kids with disabilities need within their special education programs.

These issues are all derived and can be solved by one factor, funding. “It always comes down to funding and how the money is dispersed.” Special Education programs around the world need your support NOW.

Increasing funding for special education programs leads to:

  • Access to more resources.
  • Matching students to educators who are trained and understand their disabilities.
  • Greater physical accessibility within schools such as elevators.
  • Increased Mental Health resources.
  • Greater inclusion within the community and school.
  • Preparing students for a successful life.

What can you do to make a change today?

Donate - By donating to non-profit organizations such as Easter Seals, Friendship Circle International, Federation for Children with Special Needs, and so many more amazing non-profit organizations. You would be helping kids and adults with special needs get the help they deserve.

Volunteer - Volunteering at non-profit organizations such as SaskAbillites and KidsAbillity is a great way to assist these kids in an independent life. Volunteers are important because it alleviates social exclusion, promotes personal empowerment, and makes a positive impact on these children's lives. 

Sign this Petition - By signing this petition your voice is in support of increasing funding to special education programs near you and worldwide, so kids can have the right to a life they deserve. 




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Signatures: 13Next Goal: 25
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