Increase Free Choice Play (like Recess) at CET!

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Please join us in promoting a goal we all can support: the desire to raise academically successful, happy, well-adjusted, socially and emotionally competent kids.

Research has shown that children perform better academically when given free choice time (think recess) between learning periods. Kid-initiated activities also allow for opportunities to work on interpersonal skills, get out energy, and just plain enjoy school more. CET currently has only a short recess period. Increasing this could help kids significantly.

If you think that CET should consider adding more free choice time to the school day, sign this! We also hope to have a large presence at the Board of Ed meeting at 7:30 on April 5th-- please join if you can. We hear that the new superintendent will be sitting in too!

A few interesting articles on the subject are below.

The Crucial Role of Recess in School

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