Increase Coronavirus Quarantine and Screening Measures in Canada

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Formal House of Commons Petition:


Public Health, Patty Hajdu and  Dr. Teresa Tam have been contacted with this petition.

We need physical signatures to enact these changes pertaining to screening, quarantining and travel bans. To create the changes asked for in this petition, we will need to get official formal House of Commons Petitions to your local respective MP's.

In this form, you fill out your email and riding. You will be contacted once there are 25+ people in your riding. You will then print out the petition and physically sign it. A location will be disclosed for you to send or deliver it to.

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Getting these physical signatures is the most important action to be taking right now.

We need this to get the authorities to start bringing this petition in full weight to the decision making process.

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During this Novel-Coronavirus global emergency, the actions of the Canadian government to protect its citizens are insufficient:

  • Current defined high-risk regions are not enough. It should not just be Wuhan and Hubei. Other regions have over 1000 confirmed cases.
  • Travelers from at-risk regions aren't being properly screened for symptoms nor is their travel history investigated
  • They are not being advised to advised to self-quarantine unless they exhibit symptoms
  • Investigations into possible related cases of the known confirmed ones are inadequate.
  • The conversation around travel bans is insufficient, and there's not enough reasoning from the Canadian Authorities into why it's not being considered more actively.
  • Information to the public is lacking, inaccurate and downplayed.

Formal Request to the Government, Public Health, Dr. Teresa Tam, and the Minister of Health, Patty Hajdu:

  • Formal Definition of at-risk regions and how many infected in that area for it to classify. 
  • Proper information backed by experts on why they feel a travel ban is not necessary right now, and allow for communication from the public to ask questions. It should be backed up with strong arguments.
  • Clear metrics as to when a travel ban would be necessary and how it would be implemented approximately if it were to occur.
  • Proper screening by border services for travel history, symptoms, contact history
  • Travelers with mild symptoms should be screened by a professional
  • Information and diligent investigations into possible cases, including a whole cabin of a transportation vehicle, not just the 3 rows adjacent
  • More information about key investigations or lack of into asymptomatic and aerosol transmissions.

Preview into the legal petition being made (being reviewed by a lawyer)

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Actions taken:

Contact with Public Health with the current petition numbers, request, reasoning. Offices of Patty Hajdu, Adam Vaughan, Francis Scarpaleggia have been contacted. Need your help to contact more MP's.

Investigation into active asymptomatic transmission cases with direct contact with the German Ministry of Health, and original journal of publication and researchers. A WHO Annex 2 information request.

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Asymptomatic Evidence Timeline:

Feb 5: Confirmed clinic study of asymptomatic transmission from Chinese sources

Feb 4: Latest BC Case in Canada likely Asymptomatic:
Visitors of 50 year old woman came in directly from Wuhan and knew about the disease. They took precautions to stay away from people.

Feb 4: WHO Technical hearing announced that they believe asymptomatic transmissions are most likely false. Most cases have been mis-reported upon reinvestigation

Feb 3: Latest report: Original NEJM article below under question. Statements from KPI and Bavarian Health & Food Authority that the woman was original exhibiting symptoms.

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Updated sources (SARS/flu comparison stats, active asymptomatic transmission investigation) and other information:

My twitter handle for direct contact: mcboli