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Petitioning DBS

Incorporate One Cent Movement into DBS debit/credit cards and empower us to change the world together.


One Cent Movement ( is a non-profit organization that turns everyday transactions into opportunities to give to charity. We want to use all our spare change to help the world, together.

We’re currently in talks with DBS and are going to suggest the implementation of a debit/credit card that will allow all of us to give back to society.

The big idea is that every transaction that you make will be rounded up to the nearest dollar – and the change goes to charity. Let’s say you're buying a pair of shoes for $45.67. You’ll be charged $46.00, and 33 cents will go towards a charitable cause. 100% of it. 

This is the easiest way to give back to society, while doing something you enjoy.

Sign this petition if you think it’s a great idea and would use the card.

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness?

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I support the One Cent Movement and believe that collectively as a movement we can create change.

If DBS implemented this, I will be willing to sign up for this credit card program and and start giving to charity through my everyday transactions.