Two Years is Too Long: Reopen National Archives Research Rooms

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First, thank you so much for signing and sharing this petition. I am thrilled that nearly 5,000 members of our veteran, genealogy, history, education, film, and author communities have communicated the importance of this access to NARA leaders and their elected representatives. Thank you!I have received information that Archives I (Washington, D.C.) and Archives II (College Park, MD) are set to reopen now. So first, thank you for sending a clear message that we need these! We are being heard.Unfortunately, these openings are being heavily restricted and will not be anywhere close to the level of access they were at before Covid began. We cannot allow NARA leaders to think that we don't need that same level of access as before. We do. Many members of our community travel long distances to reach these facilities, and to have their access heavily restricted while there is expensive and unrealistic, not to mention the time it will take to dig our communities out from the backlog that has been created.In addition, there are a dozen other facilities that are not yet open. Some are set for minimal re-openings, but again, not nearly at the levels that were allowed before Covid. I hope that Covid won't become an excuse for long-lasting restrictions. Please continue to communicate the importance of access to NARA leaders and to your representatives.

Jessica Taylor
4 months ago