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Inclusion Classes in Public Schools for Autistic Students

All Special Needs children deserve to be in classes among their age appropriate peers in order to acquire age appropriate social skills and interaction. Special Needs children should not be lumped into multi-grade classrooms where they are not exposed to interaction with peers of their own age - this is alienating and they will never learn what social interaction is if they are relegated to classrooms with other non-verbal children and children who are not their age. These Special Needs children deserve to be among their peers and interacting as the peers of their age do - children are led by example. A Special Needs child who is kept in a classroom throughout schooling with no continuous exposure to mainstream peers of their own age, will miss out on this essential developmental period in their lives. We do not know what they know, or what they do not know - give them a fair chance and provide qualified aids to assist these children in an inclusive mainstream school setting. Equal opportunity for everyone and rid the schools of these classrooms that only serve as daytime babysitting for our Special Needs children.

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  • Autism / Special Needs
    Public School System of Richmond Virginia and surrounding counties.

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