Include Trans into Conversion Ban

Include Trans into Conversion Ban

4 April 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Craig durant

It is not acceptable that Trans people are not a part of the conversion therapy ban. Boris Johnson already made a U-Turn after the government planned not to ban conversion therapy. 

It is appalling not to include Trans into the ban & as a LGBTQ+ �️‍� Community we need to act now to show that this needs to change. How can the government seclude Trans humans? The government need to realise that trans people are HUMAN, why are Trans any different? 

By not including Trans into the ban it is segregating people, why is it okay to not ban Trans, am I alone in this to think it’s not right? 

What if Boris Johnson’s child is Trans, will he try to put the child through conversion therapy?

By not entering Trans people into the ban it is like the government are saying Trans people should go through conversion therapy. 

I am disgusted that the government have decided this, it is amazing to see a great deal of LGBTQ+ organisations have pulled out of the LGBT Government Conference scheduled for June-July this year, one organisation to pull out is Stonewall UK. 

Im not sure if this will help in any way but we need to stand together, who cares if you are gay, lesbian, straight, bisexual or TRANSGENDER �️‍⚧️ we are all supposed to be equal. 

The equalities act 2010 states - 

Types of discrimination ('protected characteristics')
It is against the law to discriminate against anyone because of:

- age
- gender reassignment
- being married or in a civil partnership
- being pregnant or on maternity leave
- disability
- race including colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin
- religion or belief
- sex
- sexual orientation

You can clearly see what is illegal above so are the government not discriminating against Trans people by not allowing them the same courteousness as everyone else regarding Conversion Therapy?

In my opinion I feel the government have clearly said we can ban conversion therapy for everyone apart from those whom are Transgender �️‍⚧️, is this right?
In my opinion no it’s not right. 

Transgender people deserve the same right as everybody else. 

I hope that you feel the same as myself if so please sign the petition, this is not fair on those that have already battled to be who they truly are, we need to stand together it’s not right.

In advance thank you for signing the petition.


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Signatures: 16Next Goal: 25
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