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Petitioning Secretary Railway Board H.K.Jaggi and 2 others

Include the budget given by the Central railways for the differently-abled in the 2013-14 #railbudget

The 2013-14 budget is due on 26th February' 2013 and there's no sign of the report which was sent by the Genral manager , Central Railways to build a railway bridge that ensures crossing of railway track safety.

In the last 3 months more than 6000 people put pressure on the General Manager, Central railways to build a bridge at Vanghani Station. After the petition was delivered to the authorities they sent a formal letter stating that they ve sent a report to be included in the Railway Budget, 2013 -14.

Now it’s up to Vinay Mittal, Chairman of the Railway Board, to approve the budget and present it in front of the Parliament. The Rail Budget is due on 26th February 2013 and we need to ensure that more than 300 visually impaired people at Vanghani Station, along with thousands of citizens who access the station without a safe railway bridge to cross.

Join me in telling Vinay Mittal, Chairman of Indian Railways to ensure that the budget present by Central Railway authorities is accepted in the Rail Budget 2013-14.

Letter to
Secretary Railway Board H.K.Jaggi
Union Railway Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal
Chairman of Indian Railways Board Vinay Mittal
Approve the budget given by Central railways for diferently-abled care

Dear Sir/ Maam,

As an Indian citizen I wanted to inform you about an interesting development at the Central railways.

Anita Tai is 35 years old and lives alone a 30 in the town of Vangani bordering the city of Mumbai. Anita was born blind. Around a decade ago, she migrated to Vangani when she heard that it was home to disabled families who came across the state and settled there to earn their living. Anita's desire was to be independent and live a life of dignity. She became one of the many visually impaired people who you might find on Mumbai trains selling inexpensive 'made-in-china' pens, chains and other trinkets. A few years ago, when Anita was making her way across the railway tracks to the platform to board her daily train, she lost her balance, slipped and fell. An arriving train ran over her hand. She survived the accident but herlimb was destroyed. It had to be surgically amputated.

In a town of more than 300 visually impaired Indian citizens making a living by selling their wares to commuters in train compartments and no foot-over bridge to safely access the platform, Anita remains just another statistic of causality.

These 300 visually impaired residents of the village, who are forced to navigate the hazardous tracks in complete darkness, the people who have broken bones and fractured limbs, the people who have lost their lives. 15 years of many avoidable mishaps later, the authorities are yet to deliver on their promise of a foot-over bridge.

The General manager, of Central Railways made the following two promises after public pressure:

1. Disabled friendly Foot over bridge for not only 350 families with visually impaired people but also 8000 non disabled population of Vangani, which also shares the similar risk of loosing life and becoming disabled while crossing railway tracks at Vangani station.
2. Intensive check mechanisms to prevent entry of non disabled into coaches reserved for disabled and cancer patients.

3. Facilitation of license to disabled hawkers or creation of hawker zone in railway station premises, supporting their livelihood.

The response given by the Central Railways is very encouraging and they mentioned how the budget proposal report has been sent to the Railway Ministry. They responded to this petition

While I look forward to the Railway budget 2013-14. I request you to please include the following points which were already forwarded by the General Manager, Central Railways.

-- A provision for a foot-over bridge at Vanghani Station, (near Mumbai), Maharashtra
-- Encourage all other stations on the Central line to be differently-abed friendly.

Looking forward to your early action,

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