Include Sexism in Code of Advertising Practice of IBA (Independent Broadcasting Authority)

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Dear friends, 

  • Sexist adverts can perpetuate harmful and misleading sexist stereotypes that disempower women. 
  • The issue is not about women being sexy or wearing swimwears, but once a model is featuring on an advert, she is not representing her identity/person, but her gender (thus gender representation).
  • Sexist adverts often sexualise, objectify and dehumanise the female body to sell products and services which are usually unrelated (e.g snack on a woman's posterior).
  • Direct or subliminal messages emitted by sexist adverts reinforce sexism (Sexism is prejudice or discrimination based on a person's sex or gender).
  • An image speaks a 1000 words! Adverts are consciously and unconsciously seen and internalised, even in splits of seconds, by viewers (especially children who are making sense of their society, the world and gender norms/roles). 

If you agree that Sexism, as a basis of gender-based discrimination, must feature in the Code of Advertising Practice of Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) for fairer representation of women in adverts, please sign this petition! 

Thank you very much,                                                                    Trisha Gukhool xx