Make Cities Cycle Friendly - Include in Manifesto

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Over 1,37,000 people were killed in road accidents in 2013 alone, that is more than the number of people killed in all our wars put together. We live in 2019 and the figures have steadily increased thereafter.

Studies have shown that as the car sales went up, the number of accidents have increased almost at the same rate. The vulnerable people who meet the accidents and fill up these numbers are mostly cyclists and pedestrians, who account for over half of the road fatalities. 


Most people cycle not by choice, but as they do not have any other source to commute. A large section of these cyclists fall in the vulnerable category as their life is at risk on a daily basis and their daily commute to work is a huge challenge considering the fast moving vehicles passing close through them with loud horns and pollution adding to the misery. 

The large cities already suffer from the problem of over exhausted traffic and constant jams, which is a real example of the consequences of the poor urban design and lack of encouragement towards usage of public transport and cycling. The small towns and cities have also started to witness the traffic mess with the increase in motorized vehilces. However, the problem in smaller towns and cities can be contained immediately with introduction of adequate transport designs and promoting pedestrians and cyclists. Meanwhile, a mechanism can be figured out to address the problems of pedestrians and cyclists in large metros and cities. 

In the absence of a stringent comprehensive plan for urban traffic design for encouraging cyclists and pedestrians, the number of people who shall meet accidents may increase and without any incentive to cycle, most of the people may switch to motorized transport adding to the existing traffic problem. 

It is requested to include in 2019 election manifesto to create a legislation and mechanism for encouraging cyclists in towns and cities by making the traffic design suitable and convenient for pedestrians and cyclists. Please see that most of the vulnerable people who suffer may not even see this petition filed for them. On behalf of them, the authorities are requested to come up with a solution.