Include children of working people in free summer activities

Include children of working people in free summer activities

8 July 2022
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Cheshire West And Chester Council (Cheshire West And Chester Council)
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Why this petition matters

Started by Gemma Warren

Friends and families of Cheshire,

I need your help.. I read this article today from Cheshire West and Chester Council.

Before you read further, I do not in anyway begrudge anyone that needs help the help they require.. I would go hungry myself if it meant the difference of a child eating or being included within an activity.

Neither, is this petition in anyway an insult to those people in receipt of benefits that’s  need them. 

However, I’m a little broken-hearted at the lack of compassion, and discrimination towards children of working families that the below article creates. (Article below for  reference) 

We teach children not to bully another child if they don’t have the latest gadget or  phone

We have uniform policies to ensure children are not ridiculed for not having the latest brand of clothing.

With that in mind and speaking on behalf of all local families that work:

Why are our children not included on the free ‘action packed summer of activities’ that Cheshire West are providing.

Why are our children being discriminated against because we have to work 60+ hours a week to get by due to lack of help 

Why do we then get taxed ridiculous amounts making us choose between giving our children an ‘action packed summer of activities’ or food on the table? 


Why do we have to explain to our children that we don’t have the money to send them to all these nice places and activities that their friends go to.


Costs for average family (2 children) 

Chester Zoo - £103.60 

Swimming - £18.00

yoga classes - £48 approx

Dance and drama classes - £100 per week approx 

Just  four of the listed activities would cost a working parent/s £269.60

This has to change… we talk about community and values. We talk about welcoming people from different walks of life into our community yet we disregard the backbone of the community that work to keep it thriving.. the working people.


I am petitioning for answers and then petitioning for change: 

Firstly, I want  the local council to provide answers on why the children of working people in Cheshire, do not matter..

Secondly, along with their answer and the signatures on this local petition, I will petition the Department of Education for change.

I cannot do this alone, our children deserve equality, please sign this petition and let’s make a change. 

If you got this far, thanks for reading.

Article (First Part) 

Children aged 5 to 16, who are eligible for benefits-related free school meals, are invited to take part in an action-packed summer holiday this year, as part of Edsential's Holiday Activities and Food programme (HAF), coordinated on behalf of Cheshire west and Chester Council.

Thanks to crucial funding from the Department for Education and the Council, Edsential is supporting 47 voluntary, community, and faith-based organisations to run 64 clubs across west Cheshire. Children and young people will be able to enjoy nutritious food and fun physical, mental, and educational activities such as trips to Chester Zoo, swimming, yoga, dance and drama workshops, family days and much more.. 



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Signatures: 83Next Goal: 100
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