Include Aboriginal Culture as a Subject in Schools

Include Aboriginal Culture as a Subject in Schools

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Rachel Christensen
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What we are taught in school not only educates us, it moulds us and helps us grow into the people we are, but for someone with an Indigenous background it can be quite the struggle. Being taught different religions and different beliefs does not only make you feel as if you don’t belong, it can confuse your identity.

Many people do not realise Aboriginal people have their own spirituality, and while we build churches on our land and pray to a different God, the way of our ancestors is steadily fading away.

There is not enough Aboriginal Culture being taught in schools and special Indigenous classes is not what we need, it only keeps us divided.

It's only right that everybody should be educated on the culture of the country they are living in and we need a steady foundation in place that ensures our culture will be taught on to future generations.

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