Incessant killings of Youth in Osun State; A Call To Take CP Olokode Away

Incessant killings of Youth in Osun State; A Call To Take CP Olokode Away

6 June 2022
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Incessant killings of Youth in Osun State; A call for CP Olokede's Redeployment 

Constitutionally, the police are considered as one of the law enforcement agencies who work fervently on maintaining public orders and safety, carrying out various licensing and regulatory activities, protecting the lives of the people and their properties, detecting and investigating criminal activities, patrolling jurisdictions and identifying situations where the law is broken, to mention but a few, in Osun State, the reverse is the case.

For record bases, in Osun State, 5 people have been killed in recent times by Nigeria Police Force, they killed one of us in April. People came out to mourn him after his Burial on Tuesday, May 31st, 2022. Police again shot one teenager and a journalist, and also arrested 4 people among the mourners.

On Tuesday, 31st of May, 2022, the Nigeria Police Force in Osun State under the oversight of CP Wale Olokode shot a young journalist, Mr. Toba Adedeji, a correspondent of The Nation Newspaper, and also a primary school pupil whose name is yet to be uncovered in Osogbo on that day. 

It is also reported and confirmed that the Police went ahead to arrest another journalist, Fatai Akanji while performing his official duty. 

It is now apparent to us that the commissioner of police has asserted to us that his leadership ability is insufficient to defend and safeguard the lives and properties of the people of Osun State he swears allegiance to. 

Our position from the IGP is that the Commissioner of Police be taken away from Osun State. 

All we clamor for is that the culprit is brought to justice, so punishment given to him will always stand as a deterrent for other police officers who have reckless behaviors. 


Nigerian Youth Parliament, 

Osun State Representives. 


President, Federal Republic of Nigeria

Attorney General of the Federation

Ministry of Justice

Department of State Security

Governor, Osun State

Attorney General of the State

Commissioner of Justice

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Signatures: 262Next Goal: 500
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