Australians To Receive Incentives for Purchasing Electric Vehicles (EV's)

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"The transport sector produces 17 per cent of Australia’s carbon emissions, with emissions due to rise by six per cent to 2020." [1]

Australia - "our uptake of electric vehicles is woeful compared to that of similar countries worldwide. In recent years, market share of EV's has reached as high as 0.75% in the US, 0.58% in Japan, and up to 1.1% in the UK — while they make up only a paltry 0.01% of the Australian market." [2]

The Paris Agreement has proven that Governments, the world over, have recognised carbon emissions present a major threat to our health and well-being. [3] They are heavily incentivising Electric Vehicles (among other clean tech) to combat this. Embarrassingly, Australia has not made any meaningful investment to help increase the uptake of EV's and stands alone among most other developed nations…

Countries such as Germany, the Netherlands and Norway have pledged to totally ban sales of the combustion engine by 2030 while the UK and other European countries have made similar pledges for the year 2050. [4][5][6]

Meanwhile, even China - everyone’s favourite whipping boy when it comes to carbon emissions and pollution - have large incentives in place for Chinese EV manufacturers, thus making EV's considerably cheaper for it's citizens to purchase.

"International evidence shows Australia lags behind other major countries in uptake of electric vehicles, and those countries have offered incentives which are not yet available here. The report [The Path Forward for Electric Vehicles in Australia] also contains evidence of the benefits to health, air quality and fuel security in countries with strong incentives for electric vehicles." [7]

The true nature of this health and safety threat for us is clear. President Obama has stated on multiple occasions that climate change is posing a threat to national security in the US. [8] [9] The difference is the US is doing something about it... They too, offer EV incentives.

For the sake of our health and safety and for our countries future, it's time the Federal Government of Australia provided real incentives for the purchase of Electric Vehicle's (EV's).

It has been proven that Government incentives increase consumer uptake of EV's in other countries and that EV's make for perfect non-polluting alternatives to standard combustion engine vehicles and generally a much safer form of transport because of this.

2016 has been the year that Cape Grim, Tasmania, (which is home to the cleanest air in the world) has recorded carbon levels above the coveted 400ppm for the first time since measurements began in 1976! [10]

It’s time to make a change.

Currently, only the ACT has Stamp Duty exemptions for all EV's purchased under the Green Vehicle Scheme.

This is a call from all Australians for:

·      All States to have equal access to Stamp Duty exemptions that have been made available in the ACT!

·      The Luxury Vehicle Tax to be removed from the purchase price of climate saving EV’s!

·      Federal Government incentives to be provided for the purchase of EV’s! 

Again - "The transport sector produces 17 per cent of Australia’s carbon emissions, with emissions due to rise by six per cent to 2020." 
But it doesn't need to be this way. 
This is one of the few areas in which we have the technology available right now, to make a difference.

Pledge your vote to help take pollution off our roads!
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