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Time for social mobilization
Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) puts us, human beings – who likewise treat one another as unhuman – on high alert and reflection on the importance of life. All around the world there are people infected by COVID-19, the notifications of cases and deaths have increased tremendously the last three weeks. In this context, Humanity lives with the fears and commotion related to its finitude and fragility.

Time to take responsibility in society
- Responsibilities of scientists
For that matter, it is crucial that scientists engaged to develop a vaccine are responsible and solidary so that the immunization becomes available not only for those who can pay for it, but for all people, without discrimination or prevalence of one country over another.

- Responsibilities of great entrepreneurs
It is essential that great entrepreneurs – we particularly draw our attention to the 500 richestpeople in the world, who together accumulate 6 trillion of all world economic resources, amongthese, the 10 richest: Jeff Bezos (Amazon); Bill Gates (Microsoft);   Bernard Arnault (Christian Dior and LVMH); Elon Musk (Tesla and SpaceX); Warren Buffett (Berkshire Hathaway); Amancio Ortega (Nditex); Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook Inc.); Larry Page (Alphabet); Carlos Slim (America Movil); and Sergey Brin (Alphabet) – commit themselves and their megacompanies to make sure that any product related to prevention or healing of CONVID-19 does not belong or have precedency to a company, a Nation or belongs to a person or group of people, but belongs toHUMANITY!

- Responsibilities of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs
It is vital that medium-sized and small entrepreneurs, in their street markets, franchise networks, commercial representations or service provision comprehend that this moment requires responsibility and fair prices when it comes to staple food (rice, corn, beans, sugar, salt, among others) and essential goods for sanitization and preventive care (hand sanitizer, masks, gloves etc.). They need to continue providing vital services for the maintenance of the power grid,communications systems, patient transport, public transport in general, among others. Abusive prices that aim unscrupulous profit because of COVID-19 are prejudicial to economy. Such
practices doom those who cannot buy the products or hire the services and put people at high risk, creating a non-virtuous circle, capable of condemning themselves and their loved ones.

Time for engagement
Why do powerful people – whether they have scientific knowledge, economic resources or political power – need to comprehend that HEALING for COVID-19 belongs to Humanity? Why must they show solidarity and fraternity?
Because the opposite may represent a choice from leaderships, authorities – both public and private – and people in general for ideas and postures that implement policies of extermination of the elderly, poor people, Black people, children, pregnant women, population on the outskirts (countries and communities), that is, the most vulnerable people, in order to safeguard fortunes,life projects based on private wealth and a specific social circle. However, such attitude does not
draw support from any sacred book, philosophical belief and/or scientific or political knowledge.

Therefore, we owe ourselves the lessons learnt with the history of humanity – the wars of all kind, including the recent ones; the plagues we faced, among these the Spanish influenza, smallpox, the Asian influenzas H1N1 and H3N2, as well as the other diseases that impacted the world socially such as cancer and AIDS – the moments when leaders and citizens of any country in the world renounce values such as compassion and social fraternity in search for solutions for such
tragedies. When it happens, the fate is the concrete annihilation of a substantial portion of Humanity, which includes members of their families, neighborhood, social circle, leaders and authorities that risk their own lives, since this is the hazard.

It is misleading to say that COVID-19 is democratic and hits everyone equally, since its most predictable destiny, like what happened in the past, are the most fragile, socially and economically. We also collectively run the risk of the decision of not making the immunization available for everyone in case a vaccine for COVID-19 is created, of evading treatment resources for the poorest, the most vulnerable socially. Losing lives cannot be and must not be trivialized.

Time for empathy
This is not a time to focus on solutions based on the vanity of being recognized as the producer of a vaccine, or capital profit, or high and low stock market as the result of being the holders of a vaccine for immunization, basic materials for treatment or an eventual cure. Likewise, political success in electoral processes cannot be the goal for those who claim to have the healing. Such attitude is small and narrow-minded in the face of the tragedy that represents depriving Humanity from the possibility of immunization and treatment.
A lot more can be gained from wisdom and life strategy in developing means of immunization, treatment and healing which are available to every man and woman for free. The fear that comes from a human tragedy such as COVID-19 cannot lead us to violent acts under the banner of defending ourselves from contamination in face of others, much less the social segregation that comes with the possibility of developing means of immunization.

Time for solidarity
This way, we, as Humans, claim our peers to defend that any form of immunization and cure developed for COVID-19 becomes a property of every man and woman, free-to-use patents and distributed freely or at a very low price. We hope that in this process of searching for answers, the richest Nations take measures of hosting, aid and solidarity in relation to poorer Nations, sending them human resources, technology, medical resources (medicine, inputs, among others)
in order to relieve the suffering caused by COVID-19 which are perversely marked by poverty.

The same way, let the countries take internal measures to guarantee that the poorest have conditions to survive over the period of restriction of rights and quarantine, such as:provision of minimum income to secure the purchase of essential items; maintenance of housing or disposition of shelters in case of homeless people, due to natural events or not (floods, fires etc.); guarantee of food supply for the most vulnerable consisting of at least 3 (three) daily meals; suitable clothing for each season in the countries; access to cleaning and prevention products (such as alcohol and masks), besides gratuity and continuity of essential services such as electricity, cooking gas, internet connection and water for the next 120 days. In conclusion, planning and execution of basic social policies on behalf of some quality of life for the poorest.

We claim THE RICHEST PEOPLE on Earth to set up a shared fund of money, human resources, knowledges and technologies that support the actions of Nations and States, in order to aid the  poorest and most vulnerable people, particularly the elderly and children up to 6 years old, and save lives, since this is the our focus now: these lives also matter!

Finally, we claim that an interreligious spiritual web arises in order to intercede to the God(s) of each belief for all Humanity, for protection and reestablishment of every person’s health, elders, professionals of essential areas (health, garbage collectors, Systems, water treatment, energy, among others), children, pregnant women, and other more susceptible minorities, and for all of us.

Let us be, in this hard time, BLESSED with life, wisdom, solidarity and courage. May we have the necessary strength and boldness to resist and keep vigil in face of the greed of some, filling our hearts and minds with hope to seek for decisions for the greater good: Humanity.

We claim that everyone who wishes to unite and strength this appeal for the Poorest that maysign this Open Letter to the Leaders in the Countries and Nations on Earth.

Best regards,

UNEGRO RJ - CNPJ 04339564-0001/04            Profa. Claudia Vitalino

NFNB-             CNPJ 34.747.007/0001-93          Dra Beatriz Santos

FFB –              CNPJ 28.353.912/0001-66           Dr.Geraldo Henrique

CEN –              CNPJ 07.684.218/0001-51           Gayacu Deusimar 

CEDINE –        Brazilian Act n° 702/1987             Dr.Negrogun

MNU –            CNPJ  47.309.315/0002-60           Dra.Fatima Andrea 

ANAN –          CNPJ 27.284.457/0001-21            Dra.Ângela Borges

CNAB –           CNPJ 00.898.019/0001-05            Dr.Alfredo Neto

UNEGRO  BR  CNPJ 08.538.344/0001-60           Dra. Ângela Guimarães

FEMNRJ –   CPF representante: 801253287-53   Dra. Clátia Vieira

AMMCJ –       NUIT: 700057070                             Dra. Dalmazia Helena

Professor     CPF: 033.059.997-64                        Prof. Doutora Lilian Márcia

CEAP –          CNPJ: 32.323.099/0001-59             Prof. Dr. Ivanir dos Santos

 AMAZOESTE –CNPJ 28.692.714/0001-27           Dra. Bárbara Carla

AJKB –            CNPJ 66054545/001-99                  Dr. Denis Plapler

ASA –             CNPJ: 29261203/0001-13                Dr. Mauro Band

Jewish for Democracy –  CPF representative: 795.438.557-49 Dra. Patricia Tolmasquim

 Lawyer, lecturer, Certified Citizen OAB RJ 93100 Dra. Alessandra Moreira

Lawyer, Professor and M.A. in Law -OAB RJ 47072 Prof. Nelson Joaquim

City ​​Councilor  Partido dos Trabalhadores-PT Ver. Reimont Luiz Otoni

President  RJ PTB Partido Brasileiro Trabalhadores-PTB Dra. Cristiane Brasil

State Deputy Nurse Rejane Partido Comunista do Brasil- PC do B State Deputy Nurse Rejane