In the Name of Grace, the ancient turtle, a petition to protect wildlife.

In the Name of Grace, the ancient turtle, a petition to protect wildlife.

January 14, 2022
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Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (11 Newcastle St., PO Box 399, Minden ON K0M2K0) and
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Why this petition matters

Started by Turtle Guardians

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July 2023 - Grace, the one-eyed, and oldest recorded female snapping turtle in Ontario’s Highlands was recently found- deceased. Her story began as a celebrated and recognized icon in the small village of Haliburton. The difficulty ensued in January 2022 when her hibernation site, an Environmentally Protected wetland was filled, in part due to a lack of local protections.

Of all parts of a turtle's territory, it is the hibernation sites that they are most loyal to because of their unique features allowing for safe overwintering. 

Grace's hibernation site was also home to other Wildlife that are protected under the Endangered Species Act, forcing the province to step in. However, it is unclear if the province may issue a permit for the filling after all because the Provincial leadership has been dismantling wildlife and habitat protections across the province in favour of choice developers paving paradise.

The story culminated in Grace's remains being found - but not where one would expect. Her bones were in an entirely different watershed, in a place and a time where Grace would not have ventured of her own volition.

Turtles are attached to the earth and their home territories. Grace being displaced led to her death.


Help us work to save wildlife and wetlands across Ontario - in the name of Grace. 

All turtles and much wildlife in Ontario are at risk due to either insufficient wetland protections at municipal scales, or by new changes by the province which undermine species and habitat protections. Help us ensure Ontario and our municipalities employ controls to protect our legacy and our future!    

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Tell Dysart et al to install at the very minimum standard site alteration bylaws for EP zones, and tell Ontario to stop facilitating the destruction of our remaining wetlands and wetland-wildlife by honoring generations of hard-fought environmental laws and policies. 

This is being posted as a part of the efforts of Turtle Guardians and the Land Between Charity. Help us save wetlands in Ontario, and the amazing residents that call these places home.

For further information you can call our office at 705-457-1222 or visit


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Signatures: 127,713Next Goal: 150,000
Support now