In-Person Cohorts at School SB

In-Person Cohorts at School SB

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Isabella Woo started this petition to Governor Gavin Newsom

Covid-19 is spreading more than ever and different variants emerging cause reasons for concern. 
The Delta variant, which emerged first in December 2020, is twice as infectious and causes more severe symptoms, specifically in unvaccinated individuals.
The Omicron variant, first detected in the U.S in December 2021, is likely to spread more easily than the original SARS-CoV-2 virus. Much is unknown about this particular variant making it safer to assume that it is more dangerous than the Delta variant. 

Students are beginning to catch Covid-19 more frequently as these variants have arisen and the crowded populations throughout the schools in the Jefferson Union High School District (JUHSD) do not create a safe or healthy environment. 
Although it is a minority of most schools, several students still remain unvaccinated and many do not wear masks when it is not required in outdoor spaces with other students around. Westmoor High School and Jefferson High School are highly populated and have indoor hallways, causing students to be less than six feet apart for prolonged periods of time, possibly without masks.
Covid-19 and its variants are highly infectious especially in these types of environments and even vaccinated individuals can become asymptomatic carriers of the virus. 
Several students have elderly family members or those with preexisting conditions in their households and if they become carriers of the virus it poses a severe health threat. Parents who are concerned about their child's safety have chosen to switch to online which is an issue discussed below.
Teachers who are exposed to hundreds of students in a confined space every day are also at high risk of infection. Two teachers at Westmoor High School were confirmed to have contracted the Covid-19 virus.

In order to best protect students and their families, we the students believe it is in our best interest to switch to a cohort system.
Although online distance learning is an option, several students had struggled in the past with the curriculum and workload. Not being in person changes the amount of engagement a student has with a teacher and the lesson which can make a student less motivated to learn as well. Anxiety and depression are some mental health concerns that also came with distance learning due to the number of changes from normal circumstances.

In order to switch to a cohort system, the state legislature needs to vote and pass a bill. The bill which allowed for online distance learning last year, Senate Bill (SB) 98, expired on June 30, 2021. In order to pass a new bill, it is necessary to contact members of the California State Legislature and inform them of the importance of prioritizing the safety of students and their families. Visit to learn how to do so.

If the district switches to a cohort system before the Covid-19 cases rise in our schools, we can keep our students safe in a healthy yet engaging learning environment. 
Please sign this petition and send it to your classmates to keep students, staff, and families protected. If we can make our voices heard, we can keep everyone healthy.
Stay masked and get vaccinated!

47 have signed. Let’s get to 50!
At 50 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!