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Between fall 2000 and fall 2016, overall public charter school enrollment increased from 0.4 million to 3.0 million. 

   During this period Charter schools have become a central feature of the school “choice” movement, itself a key part of "corporate school reform", which seeks to operate public schools as if they were businesses rather than civic institutions. There are now thousands of charters — which are publicly funded but independently operated, sometimes by FOR-PROFIT companies — enrolling a few million students in 43 states and the District of Columbia who make up about 6 percent of public school students across the Country.

    School funding in the United States comes from a combination of three sources. The balance of funding varies from state to state and community to community and can vary widely. But on average, 45 percent comes from local money — mostly property taxes, 45 percent from the state and about 10 percent from the federal government. Here is the census data.

   According to this study from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, at least 31 states spent less money per student in 2014 than they did in 2008. During that time, the study found, local funding also dropped in 18 states.

As for the "deprivation of knowledge," in the latest international review from the Program for International Student Assessment, U.S. 15-year-olds saw an 11-point drop in average score for math, while some students also lost  1 or 2 points in reading and science.

   Please Note, United States public schools cannot improve until reformers confront the deadly consequences of the power that teachers' unions wield over a monopolistic industry, not only through contracts but also through the unions influence on elected officials who regulate the education industry.  

   Until then, any reform—whether more money for the schools or smaller classes or high national standards or charter schools—will get short-circuited from the very outset.

  Today the two national unions cast a giant shadow over not just the United States Educational System but also Democratic Party politics. As a California Judge recently found, that state's NEA affiliate spent only half of its dues income on activities related to collective bargaining and used the other half for electoral politics, lobbying, and general advocacy for social, educational, and political causes. Nationally, in the 1996 election, the teachers' unions contributed more than $9 million directly to Bill Clinton and other Democratic candidates through political action committees. But the PACs were just the visible tip of a vast iceberg of soft money, independent media buys, thousands of full-time campaign workers paid with union dues, and in-kind services such as phone banks and direct mail advertising.

  The Teachers' Union, a book by Myron Lieberman estimates that the NEA and AFT together spent at least $50 million for the campaign compared to the $35 million that the AFL-CIO spent. And at last summer's Democratic convention, the teachers' union caucus constituted 11 percent of all delegates—a bigger share than the delegation from California.

   These political investments have paid off. This historical point in time rings relevant for us today. In the Clinton Department of Education, former NEA issues, director Sharon Robinson is assistant secretary for research and educational improvement, shaping the national education debate with her office's research reports and assessments of student performance. Also from our history, when the Republican Congress was on the verge of passing legislation to rescue a few thousand poor students from Washington, D.C.'s hopelessly broken public school system by offering them private school scholarships, the NEA, fearful that these vouchers might encourage similar legislation in the states, furiously lobbied the White House. President Clinton, who at first fully supported that legislative bill, and was waiting to sign it, after the NEA contacted the White House, Clinton backtracked and said he would veto the bill.

  Too Add, The big teachers' unions, through the straitjacket of work rules that their contracts impose, inexorably subvert that fundamental encounter. The Teachers contracts structure the individual teacher's job in ways that offer him or her no incentives for excellence in the classroom—indeed, that perversely reward failure.

  On top of all that the public schools currently operate with a course of teaching that simply gives the students certain things to read followed by a test. When they are asked questions to confirm that they read what was assigned. The reason for this structure is simply to give orders to the students and confirm that they followed said orders. 

   With a system geared for the students to become trained rather than educated. What good will it be for America or even towards Humanity?

  It makes all of this ancillary and doesn't begin to compare to searching, inquiring and pursuing topics that engages excitement. If it is just a set of hurdles/orders, its not only meaningless but also it will divert one's attention and time from something more important, that they should be doing. It can be a useful device if it contributes to one's education, but it rarely does. The only beneficial part of the current educational procedure in the public schools of the United States educational system is that these tests can/may assist the students and teachers of what has been learned and what has not been learned. Also these tests could help a teacher to understand what can be improved, changed or altered in their course of their instruction. Nothing else.

   One of MIT’s great physicists, Victor Weisskopf. Was often asked by students, “What are we going to cover this semester?” His answer was, “It doesn’t matter what we cover; it matters what you discover.” That’s basically it: that’s good teaching. It doesn’t matter what we cover; it matters how much you develop the capacity to discover.

Do we want:

To have a society of free creative independent individuals to appreciate a gain from the cultural achievements of the past and add to them??

Or do we want people who are intended and programed to increase the GDP  (economic growth)?? 

   They are not the same thing. The previous has a value within itself, it creates good human beings. 


   The classical artist comes from a tradition of craftsmanship that was developed after a very long time, master artists and others. Independence in thought, with the ability to challenge anything they question.

   Now currently in the public schools, if a student requests from a teacher assistance in acquiring further  knowledge than that provided in the standard course. The teachers are restricted to help them. Remember the teachers are compelled to direct the students to focus on certain particularities of certain subjects and to remember them for a certain period of time. Then they are asked to recite by transcribing on a national standardized exam what they were told to study, read and remember, nothing more.

   The Nobel Peace Prize winners are people that had a strong interest in something and with creativeness and motivation they cultivate their knowledge in that subject and/or field of interest.

   Making the children in 5th grade memorize the periodic table -Or anything similar. Something they cannot grasp yet, is a waste of valuable educational resources and it produces nothing of lasting value. Worse yet, it takes away the enjoyment of learning science.

    Further, I strongly believe that cellular phones are having a negative effect on learning. Cellular phones along with the internet and all social media does not only misdirected time and attention but also very adeductive subjecting students to permanent damage.

   I strongly believe a lot of the Social Media giants, Software Giants and Computer/Cellular Phone Giants have and are employing the same people, companies and market engineers that the casinos once employed. The Tech giants want their products to have an attracting visual display, and an invisible hook, similar to slot machines of our current days. So it won't only be the casino owners that prey on their guest weaknesses. But now everywhere outside the casinos, we must be dealing with these Tech Giants preying as well. The only difference is the Tech Giants are aiming at EVERYONE. They want Senior citizens, adults, students, teenagers, toddlers and infants (if they can be) victims of a system carefully calibrated to, take from Everyone their money, hopes and dreams.

  To conclude, It is very apparent that a majority of the time students spend in school is mostly being directed towards indoctrination as well.

   In the final analysis, with so many  barriers there is no school reform that will accomplish much if it does not focus on the quality of the basic unit of education. So minimizing the United States Department of Education to only being a small department  that ranks Cities, Countys, and States. While collaterally giving full control of education back to the States. Along with the 10% the federal government covers to operate them, this is not only a requirement but a necessities .

    Clearly evident from US education worldwide ranking, which has been held low for many years. Along with a high percentage of High School graduates, whom do not possess the skills or knowledge to answer some of the basic questions life asks, and sad enough, there are many that cannot even conclude, extrapolate and/or even encompass some of the basic questions.  

  These barriers will limit us Americans/Humans from growth, evolving, expanding and advancing in all subjects. For example getting farther into space. Everything you had just read are several of those barriers. If all that is needed to break down those barriers is your signature on a petition and you sharing the petition with others. 

Then what's stopping you from doing it?

Sincerely and Thank You, 


After you wisely and with care supported the change needed in the U.S. public schools. I hope that you are willing to learn how are lives are at risk.All of us unifying is  the only way to stop it.

Please go to another Petition of mine here: http://chng.it/ttgkZBMwBs

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