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We the people of the United States of America hereby request our Elected Officials to legislate harsher penalties for Drunk Drivers.

Please keep in mind these tragedies are not "accidents" as often called by the media as well as our system . An accident brings

no criminal charges or arrests. When someone drinks that is a choice, not an accident. When someone drives they made a choice

to get behind the wheel of a car and drive. Based upon the many repeat offenders the penalties need to change and be harsher.

If first time convicted DUI carried a harsher penalty perhaps more people might think before drinking and driving and risking lives.

We understand the sad yet standard " Over crowding" response and , believe house arrest with NO driving privileges for first time

offenders should be considered. The current penalties for a DUI involving a death are far too lenient. How can our system in good

conscience impose such light sentences when a life has been taken by another's choices? It is well known that drinking and driving

is not only illegal it can and does endanger others lives. In essence a first time offender who kills is being rewarded because he/she

has never been caught before a death occurred as a result of their choices. Too many "first time" offenders get a mere slap on the

hand after killing someone. This sends the wrong message to our society and shows little compassion for the surviving family and

puts little value on a life. DUI offenders have even been arrested again, while out on bail for a DUI causing death. What does this say?

Bail for DUI causing a death is far too low. We ask you take a serious look at the statistics and see how many repeat offenders we have

on our roads endangering innocent people and their lives. We ask you to look at the number of drivers who drive anyway with a revoked

or suspended Drivers License. How many convicted DUI drivers have multiple DUI convictions with little penalty and then one day make a

choice to drink a choice to drive and kill someone, changing a family forever. We ask even first time DUI causing death be an automatic

felony not a possible misdemeanor. DUI involving death is a serious crime in the eyes of the people , yet continually referred to as not a

serious crime by Law Enforcement as well as Elected Officials. DUI causing death should also be a Violent Felony. How can someone be

killed in a crash from another's choices and that not be considered Violent? Please take a look at the injuries these victims sustained along

with the speeds and other factors. We believe you will find what they went through IS violent. Too many families are tragically altered for life

because of another's choices. Can you honestly say if your Mother, Father, Child or loved one was killed by a Drunk Driver that possible probation,

or a few years in jail or prison is justice?

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