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In memory of Benny: give these animals a chance of getting adopted

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Since september, 11th 2011 pets at Salzgitter's animal shelter are suffering under disgusting circumstances. They were brought to a building which has not been completed yet and won't be for the next several months. It's not possible to get all areas heated, there are not enough hiding places for cats searching for shelter because of the construction noises.
Spaces between the metal fences are that large that even a dog named Benny had to die after he had been bitten by another dog which is suffering under increased nervousness caused by the immense stress living on this construction site. Benny had been confiscated from a so-called poor posture and died in the care of this animal shelter.
The staff prevents visitors watching all areas and pets, tells lies about the real numbers af animals housed in there and doesn't even know most of the pets' histories.
Allegedly, 750.000€ were spent till now, but watching this construction site one cannot imagine it's really true. Everytime critics ask the wrong questions they are presented as liars and not pragmatic persons. Even local medias support the trivialising in this case of a lot of money and less animal protection.
With every single day passing by, the chances of getting adopted are minimizing for these animals. Please, sign this petition to help these innocent creatures getting a chance of living a lucky life.
Don't let Benny be forgotten.          


Ladies and gentlemen,

as we all know stress and permanent fear are the main reasons for animals getting behaviour problems. It's not in the interests of animal welfare to let pets live in buildings which must be completed while they are already living there. Pets housed in such construction sites are likely to get severe behaviour disorders, cats may urinate in the residential areas of their future owners, dogs may react aggressively towards conspecifics, people or other species.
Animal rights activists should increase the chances of successful placements of pets - not prevent them actively.
The pets at Salzgitter's animal shelter are suffering under unreasonable and irresponsible conditions and even after Benny had to die because of ignorant and incompetent staff supported by official veterinary, no responsible person is willing to change something.

Germany presents itself as an exception to European animal welfare, but in truth the reputation of animal protection is falling in this country.
The financially strongest animal protection society, ministries, competent municipal authorities, district offices and competent veterinaries - they all are not willing to do something except calling critics a liar. 

Of course, the tragedies of the lives of these animals are not as spectacular as the current massacres of the strays in the Ukraine or in Romania, but the fact that they suffer silently and in secrecy doesn't mean they don't deserve our help.

I urge you to ensure that all pets at Salzgitter's animal shelter will be housed in more suitable locations until all construction works will have been completed.
I also urge you to ensure that no other animals will be housed there while the construction works are still going on.
Please, don't let more innocent animals pay with their lives for mistakes people have made and make sure that they will really get a chance of adoption in the future.  

 With kind regards

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