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Petitioning In memory of all drunk drivers ,victims and their families .

Stop promoting alcohol on billboard ads !

I believe the billboard ads diplaying images of drinking beer or liquour are condensending . It only promotes and displays a bad example to everybody passing by them . I frequently see ads upon the same street or highways of past accident victims .It sends wrong messages to children and teens .It encourages and influences drinking is normal . It is all about marketing the product and not about the consequences of responsiblity and the damage it can cause.It is false advertisement . It fails to display the horror and damage its does to peoples lives . Drinking Alcohol without being responsible cause health issues which leads to liver damage . I causes emotional issues and can make a person dependant on it . It breaks up familes and causes people to lose their jobs .It tricks people into thinking they need it just to socialize . Its just what the markets of alcohol and beer want .

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  • In memory of all drunk drivers ,victims and their families .

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