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In Memory of Ace Boycott Detroit

We are presenting this boycott petition so that those of us who do not live in Detroit can vote with our pocket books and have our voices heard. 

On Friday, November 4th, a dog wandered into an Ace Hardware store on E. McNichols in Detroit looking for warmth.  It appeared to hurt him to try and sit because he was just skin and bones. There were signs of a wound on his neck and dried blood near his throat. The dog, “Ace”, was picked up by Detroit Animal Control (DAC), that has a policy of killing any dog they deem a pit or pit mix. 

Several rescues offered to take Ace, but were denied. The owner saw Ace on TV (he had been stolen from her months before). She went armed with proof this was her dog. She was shown a different dog that was not Ace. It is our belief that DAC killed Ace on November 4th, or shortly afterwards, violating Michigan's mandatory hold time for strays.

Detroit Dog Rescue and Ace's owner obtained and served a court injunction for DAC to cease the killing of all brown/white/tan pit bulls. DAC killed another pit bull they were claiming was Ace on Thursday, ignoring the injunction. It has become clear that Detroit Animal Control thinks they are above the law. The system in Detroit is broken. DAC can no longer control the dog problem in Detroit and they proved it beyond a shadow of a doubt with their handling of Ace. Their preferred method is one of eradication and they believe themselves to be above the law. They bumbled, lied, tried to backtrack, and then disregarded a direct order from the judge.

This petition was delivered to:
  • Mayor
    Dave Bing
  • Head of the Department of Environmental Safety
    Bruce King
  • Head Animal Control
    Harry Ward

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