Stop Social Media Abuse Now!

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Government should take action on below:

Due to lack of Internet ethical behavior, lot of people posting abusive and potentially harmful information in the internet. Individuals especially women internet users have to deal with lot of pain and unknown process with information technology rights in the cyber crime. About 90% of the abusive incidents were never reported to cyber crime investigation agencies due to non-availability of the information and details. Educated public are reaching out the social media companies like facebook and twitter reporting the incidents but that's not sufficient in most of the cases.

This petition is requesting to establish below:

1) Create and Enforce Data Privacy Laws on Data Collection, Protection, Sharing Exchange and Retention.

2) Smart Phone or Device communications should have legal limitations on Data Sharing over public internet especially on the evil intentions and influencing general public or groups.

3) Establish monetary loss for each incident and include it in the penal code and justice system and make public aware of these laws and penalties.

4) Educate and establish awareness in general public right from high school and elementary school levels.

5) Monitor illegal activity and alert parents and educational institutions of the near miss incidents to speedup the ethical behavioral improvements.

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