In a society where everyone counts it follows we should all be winners

In a society where everyone counts it follows we should all be winners

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This petition has been created to request of Wellington City Council a review of the Newtown to City cycleway before it is entrenched and causes social and economic carnage a win-win outcomes for councillors and cycle activists and lobby groups but a lose-lose for residential and commercial ratepayers affected by the poor design to meet cycle lobby group safety.

Fact: There was little or no consultation during the first round of engagements from the consultants engaged by the WCC, how then could this failure to consult be considered as adequate in the second round by WCC.?

By ignoring those people the many owners who were not consulted shows how biased and skewed this process has been, particularly when lobby groups were given monthly meetings and updates on the project the majority of those persons most affected in terms of the Local Government Act were omitted for instance Businesses, Peoples with Mobility issues, the Sight Impaired, these groups are now severely disadvantaged through scant communications.

Fact: Councillors and officers I contend had all but decided on the outcome of this project and were therefore disingenuous in their dialogue with the people of Wellington and have ploughed ahead with their decision, that in hindsight made a farce of peoples petitioning the councillors at the committee meetings.  It is shameful in this regard that such a disruptive proposal with many options that the Council and officers have not seriously considered as alternative routes that would achieve similar safety outcomes for cyclists.

Fact: Data has been skewed and misaligned to provide outcomes that are not genuine and used as a foundation for decision making by councillors knowing that the data was flawed, producing an end result of lose-lose for all other than cycle lobby groups.

Fact: There were more meetings had with council officers and councillors than that of sessions held with businesses to determine best possible outcomes for all.  How much pressure was applied by the lobby groups to encourage the Council and officers to decide on specific routes and were these routes the only ones acceptable to the cyclists lobby groups?

Fact: Patients seeking access to auxiliary medical services along Riddiford Street are seriously impeded by the cycleway, alternative parking for people with disabilities is not practical and many disabled persons will be unable to use the designated parking spaces on an incline in Hall Street.

Fact: The installation of the poorly designed cycleway has removed access for most in the convenience areas of the southern suburbs through to the city where there now lies inconvenience ever exponentially increasing the economic carnage to Wellington and its public amenities such as hospitals and botanic gardens.

Fact: Removing the turning points between Kent and Cambridge Terrace will cause grid lock and further emissions.

Fact: Please explain how Cycleways are given priority over other deficiencies and short comings in our Cities infrastructure? Let's get Wellington moving appears to be in reverse at the moment and heading down broken and defective drains at a rate of knots. 

Fact: The carnage accrued by this policy is a very expensive way to save a nano amount of emissions $4800 per ton to save 0.4% if all the cycleways are up and running. On the other planting trees would cost $80 per ton and provide a better emissions outcome.

Fact: Taxis and uber costs increases as no parks are available to set down and pick up passengers on contracted transport needs for medical services.

I certainly hope that future Council's avoid these misaligned priorities, that see such a diverse established community decimated by inconsiderate, disruptive and selfish policies.

Let us avoid the carnage and the deep-felt bitterness that will ensue.  Sign the petition and ask Local Council and Parliament to review and stop the carnage as the outcomes are nano compared to win-win outcomes if these cycleways were genuinely reviewed.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!