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IMVU Inc: Support and protect your Creators!

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With the recent changes in IMVU's creation mode and the policy changes to push for paid users only to have access to it, we of the IMVU development and creators community seek to address the wording and circumstances of these changes. We believe that IMVU has become more a "cashcow" and using "bait and switch" techniques for marketing their products and services. However, at the cost of higher pricing for submissions, less access availability to guest_ or name registered users. What we want, is simple.

-Protect our creations from theft.
It's been a known problem for sometime now and yet IMVU's client development has been far behind on actually doing anything about it. Watermarking, or random generated code keys for each creator would help assist with protecting the non-derivable material on the catalog and we want to see this happen.

-Get rid of the VIP only access to creation mode.
Not only will this drop the amount of products submitted, it will reduce the amount of credits being bought and used to purchase any of the virtual goods. Keep the credits flowing, by allowing users with names registered and up in paid services to have full access to creation mode. This would allow us all to have a chance to learn and submit material that could benefit the community and the company on the whole.

-Rewrite the policy.
Offering a contract that not only binds the creator to use their own material, or the materials offered in Stock (Derivables) would give IMVU a loophole to hold against the thieves of the community. Not only that, it would offer IMVU a chance to publicly amend their accusations of non-paying customers being the "problem".

-Rebuild the client.
Protection for creations starts at the base we use to build them, watermarking should be offered with creation submissions, and we believe this would help locate and stop thieves by putting the watermark on "preview" mode to prevent them from ripping the meshes from the client's current model. Not only that, it would point out submissions with watermarks and reject them from the submissions system as well as put out a warning to the users to use derivable meshes or make their own, protecting the base creator from theft.

-Approach the issue from all sides.
As creators some of us make real life funds from the submissions we put into the catalog. Some of us don't see any credits from our submissions and others of us don't do it for funds, but for the fun of it. We want to keep the creation mode as a fun feature for all users that have paid into the IMVU economy system, be it purchasing the name, or buying credits from qualified resellers. But all in all, we cannot keep making the virtual materials if we are not given the valid and qualified support we need. IMVU wishes to resolve the issues with theft while continuing to make money, but Creators do not wish to pay extra for a service they had for free all this time.

So, let us meet on a middle line, you provide the tools and support to protect our virtual goods from theft, and we will continue to support IMVU by using the creation mode fairly. This is our demand to be heard, we want justice for the thefts and we demand it fairly.

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