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The Independent Media Union was formed on July 7 in response to several media pages on Instagram being deactivated for supposedly breaking the guidelines of the social network. Five founding companies: UBC, Berning Media Network, Freedom Faction, BernieOrBust, and (TBD) came together to fight the attack on the independent press. While none of the members are officially affiliated, the agencies have the same objective in producing honest, quality journalism.

A free press is the most pivotal part of a society. It’s the key to accountability, openness, and transparency. But when that universal duty of every citizen is barred to a select few, it creates an unnecessary and dangerous monopoly that pushes self-interest over fact, greed over honesty, and brand name over the truth. Instagram’s recent purge of several accounts across her platform that practice their right to freedom of speech is well within their legal right as a company, however, it lacks moral reasoning and reeks of bureaucratic bias. Right or wrong, those accounts were publishing content and exercising their basic human rights to have their minds be heard.

We will stand up for the downtrodden and push back the boundaries of corporate indignation and clear business deals. We stand for the right of a free media, biased or unbiased, fact or fiction, popular or unpopular, we all deserve the right to be heard. In this increasingly technological world, if we do not have that, we have nothing. Censorship is the first step towards dystopia.

Social Media-based news media is threatened by those that say they want to rid the world of "fake news". The very people working for the truth–start-ups without corporate ties and small non-profits striving to tell the truth–are the ones being harmed by Mark Zuckerberg's initiative to eradicate falsehoods. The way it is being conducted is establishing a motive for crushing free speech.

Media is the cornerstone to democracy, and we aim to keep it free. 

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