IMT-GHAZIABAD should release merit list with cumulative score of candidates ineach section

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Rahul Singh
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In a very suspicious admission procedure carried out by IMT-G. Most of the high achieving candidates have been denied admission this year. Also, there has been a number of dubious activities conducted by IMT Ghaziabad. Students have been offered their Dubai campus course without even choosing it as an option in their admission form. Such type of money minting strategies cannot be accepted as part of the admission process from a reputed B school. Also, they release the cutoff for Ghaziabad campus after conducting interviews. Which is strange as most students were sent interview invites in spite of them not even qualifying for it based on their cat/ xat scores. Also to mint more money, they have brought in vague admission criteria like ''Quality of graduating institute'' ''Quality of work experience'' only so that they can change the marks of students and that can act as a way of taking donations in the admission process. We as the students want a change and want IMT Ghaziabad to release the score of candidates given in each parameter of each section so that the entire process can become more transparent and money minting practice of the institution can be brought done. Many of the high CAT achievers in 97+ percentile range have been on purpose denied admission without any clarification. If this practice is not stopped here it will lead to other Bschool resorting to such practice to mint more money and it can destroy the entire system of Indian Management education and can destroy the integrity of CAT exam conducted by IIMs AND Thus, in turn, destroy the integrity of the premier IIM institutes. THE LIFE OF 2 LAK CAT ASPIRANT IS AT STAKE AND WE WANT TRANSPARENCY AND CHANGE