Show Kashmir as disputed territory on maps, not as part of India

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Kashmir, since the advent of Pakistan and India in 1947, has been a disputed territory between the two countries.  UN intervention has hopelessly failed in bringing a conclusion to the conflict.  

Currently, a part of Kashmir is included in Pakistan,  while the rest of the territory is disputed.  

In spite of this status,  majority of the maps printed in textbooks, atlases, and available online, show the disputed territory as part of India. This is especially the case for books printed internationally. 

We demand that the Prime Minister of Pakistan,  Imran Khan, and the Government of Pakistan,  take notice of this, and use it's influence to create awareness internationally of this conspiracy.

Further more,  all textbooks and atlases available in Pakistan should be checked and endorsed for the correct map, and geographic resources bought internationally should be monitored for the same.