Public Execution For Rapists Of Houz E Noor, Justice For HouzNoor

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  1. We have to make public execution for rapists,a common punishment, We have to fight for this together to make my,yours,our children save. We got to make this happen together. Rapists and Abuser shouldn't get away with such horrible crimes. Together as an honorable nation we have to get together and stop it. I demand public execution for the rapists of HouzNoor and all children from PM Imran Khan and government of Pakistan.
  2. If we change nothing and think that,it happened before and it will never stop happening nothing will ever change. we have to start from somewhere, if it is happening again we have to get together every time. We cannot give up on such issues. Every rape incident is tragic every victim deserves to get justice. If you didn't speak for anyone before now is the TIME
  3.  Please I request all of you to sign and share this petition.We need to speak out and make sure we are being heard. We must have to make noise everytime such incidents happens. To save our children,to save their childhood. We need make this world a better place for our children. We must do everything in our power and it will take nothing to sign this petition and share. This is the least we could do. And in the world we have came to play our parts.