Petition: Impose Complete LOCKDOWN in Pakistan immediately

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World has been going through a major crisis right now. There are more than 300,000 cases worldwide as of Friday March 20th. In Pakistan, the number is 632 with 3 people dead. According to research by different organizations, this number shows less than 2% of real estimates. 

We have seen the examples of countries like China who have imposed complete lockdown. It has helped to contain the virus, and to block further increase in spread of cases to other provinces within China.

Therefore, following are the steps required:

a. Complete lockdown at the district level(including suspension of bus/train/air services) 
b. Closure of offices other than required for proper coordination of response to Corona Virus. 
c. Medical Professionals should be provided with proper kits so their safety can be assured.
d. Ban on congregations including but not limited to prayers, ijtemas, wedding and dine-in restaurants(only take-out or delivery options should be allowed)
e. All borders should be sealed including with Afghanistan and Iran. Only Pakistani Nationals should be allowed into country who should go through proper quarantining in clean and proper spaces. All efforts should be made to make their stay as comfortable as possible.
f. A national relief package should be announced to provide relief to people who may go out of business or work due to lockdown. This includes ration support as well as availability of affordable and good quality sanitizers and masks.
g. Special segments of primetime shows should be dedicated towards teaching the importance of social distancing and self quarantine.

It is never too late to do the right thing.