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Solidarity with Fannie Sosa - ImPulsTanz Festival needs to pay their debts

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To the ImPulsTanz Festival orginizers,

to all the participants, teachers and followers,

we would like to express our shock and anger about the misstreating of one of the planned teachers of the festival, that cancelled the cooperation after every boundery was crossed – Fannie Sosa.

This letter will also be send to all the sponsers and partners of the festival, so that they will know how their money is being distributed.

Solidarity has already been showen by Working Artists and the Greater Economy (W.A.G.E.) Community and by the dancer Cecilia Lisa Eliceche:


We also would like to express our outrage about the illustrations of the program (not published on the the festival´s website) featuring a police man and a military man giving orders. In a world in which People of Colour, migrants and refugees are being treated like second class people and being killed by the police, how is it possible to think of illustrations featuring those oppressive forces as something funny and appealing as an invitation to a dance festival. This is beyond our understanding. 


Short review: ImPulsTanz conntected Fannie Sosa to be a teacher at the festival, to which she answered that she prioritises QTIPOC only spaces. Receiving resistance from the festival´s art director, Rio, she proposed to give one-on-one coaching to him to tackle the white structure within the festival and it´s orginization (Rio Rutzinger: „I read a few of your interviews and reports on you online – I trust that I can learm a damn lot about decolonilisation“). Fannie´s terms of work among all other open-to-all-events and DJ-set was one workshop exclusive for QTPOC, that ImPulsTanz first agreed to (and wanted to charge entrance for). ImPulsTanz promoted this exclusive QTPOC workshop on their website, but failed to support the building of such space, endangering her and fragilising her work. Yet the knowledge and counceling of Fannie Sosa were still being used. ImPulsTanz tried changing the terms of agreement to a public session instead of one-on-one coaching (with the reasoning there is no money for a privat session), which she didn´t agreed to. ImPulsTanz did not care or want to engage with her expressing feelings of unsafty to come to vienna after another dancer of Colour got detained by the austrian police two weeks ago. After all of this and crossing over an over her privat space by contecting her privat facebook messanger instead of her work mail, Fannie decided to cancle her participitation. To which ImPulsTanz said: „this is the most uninteresting way to end our 3-months preparation“. She has endured more than 30+ of work (and counting) communicating with ImPulsTanz and being emotionally drianed and not being taken seriously even though ImPulsTanz are aware of their own problematics. Her fee was 1440 €, and ImPulsTanz is refusing to pay her.

Using the knowledge and energy of BPOCs without giving anything back is exploitation. ImPulsTanz are the ones in power, so please use it wisely.


We demand:

  •        that ImPulsTanz pays Fannie Sosa for her work.
  •        that ImPulsTanz putes in an effort to decolonize their festival and makes room for BPOC spaces.
  •        that ImPulsTanz and Rio Rutzinger offically apologies to Fannie Sosa and the BPOC community for their actions.
  •        that ImPulsTanz recognizes the racism and colonialism they have been perpetuating and takes action to change it. 
  •        In an effort to make your festival more inclusive we demand a reworking of the ticket price policy that supports structurally marginalized people who cannot afford to participate.
  •        We demand that as a white institution you take responsibility for the safety of your participants. That includes issues such as transportation and accomodation as well as using ImPulsTanz´s instituional power to critique police brutality.
  •        We demand that ImPulsTanz takes seriously its responsibility to unlearn racism and decolonize the festival beyond its asthetics. 





The original post of Fannie Sosa:

The public post about safety for BPOC´s coming to the festival:

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