Improving the attainment and retainment of teachers in New Zealand secondary schools.

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Our problem is that 40% of teachers in New Zealand quit within their first year.

With this extremely high rate of teachers leaving their jobs, schools are understaffed and students are left with stressed out, under prepared and unhealthy teachers.

Therefore, we are aiming to improve the welfare and benefits for teachers to make it a more attractive profession.  We hope to attain and retain more teachers, to be able to give students the best chance at getting a good education, as teachers will be happier, healthier and more prepared to teach. 

The welfare and benefits for teachers we are looking to improve are:

- Giving teachers a percentage of their pay (E.g. 2%) for out of school activities such as planning, marking and school meetings.
- Offering optional psychological check ups once a year and making sure that teachers have someone to talk to if they are stressed.
- Improving salaries for teachers, especially in Auckland, to make the job more attractive for those who are looking to enter the teaching profession.

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