Improved Safety in Half Hollow Hills

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On behalf of the student body of Half Hollow Hills High School East,

We demand the following reforms to enhance and ensure the protection of the students and faculty of our school:

  • To have lockdown drills taken more seriously, with the entire school population adhering to and following the instructions of the drill.
  • To have school assemblies to inform students how to recognize signs of a school shooter and how to utilize our school’s anonymous tip system. The current tip system in guidance is barely known among the student and faculty body and it must be popularized throughout our district for it to be effectively used. 
  • To have reinforced glass installed in windows on and around each classroom door.
  • To get rid of soft- pressure doors, as it would allow for teachers to close the doors quickly in the case of facing a threat.
  • To be able lock doors from the inside of classrooms, as opposed to only be able to lock them from the outside. 
  • For teachers to have panic buttons, which can be secured with a unique faculty passcode, so teachers could alert nearby law enforcement and administration of any threat.
  • For each classroom to have a red tape “line of sight” drawn on the floor of each classroom.
  • To have professionally trained security guards to ensure our safety.
  • For all personnel of the school to present their photo I.D. upon entry to the school.

We wish for these demands, we wish for at least some change because enough is enough. Students should not be afraid to pursue their educations.

“Each generation has their moment, our moment is now.”



The Fearful Future of America