Improve the traffic conditions for the Baner underpass (Pancard Club rd).

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The traffic condition at the Pancard Club road underpass in Baner is grave. The area is highly accident prone. We are proposing a solution we came up with to the traffic commissioner in order to improve the flow of traffic and safety of automobiles as well as pedestrians.

The current grim situation at the location is resulting in utter confusion circulating the lack of traffic flow. The service roads are being used as two-ways and so are the underpasses. It's more of a free for all throughout the day with no proper traffic flow or traffic lights. There is no footpath for the pedestrians and the poor drainage system cannot support the immense rainfall in the monsoon.

We spoke to some of the people who are frequent users of this underpass, here are some of their comments:

Mrs.Sandhya Chaturvedi: "This situation is horrid in the monsoon."

Mr.Sudhanwa Rane: "Everyday I use this underpass to come from work around 7, I spend about 7-10 minutes waiting at the underpass which should ideally take a minute to cross. The bottleneck is huge and chaotic."

Mr.Harsh Sinha: "I use this underpass quite often, and I have to constantly hit the brakes to avoid hitting pedestrians. It is very unsafe for them to cross through here, some of them resort to crossing the highway as even that seems like a better option!"

The solutions we came up with are as follows:                                                           

1. Make the service roads and the underpass one way to decrease collisions. The underpass prior to this one (towards Mumbai) will have to be used to create a cyclic traffic flow.
2. Improving the drainage systems to prevent water logging in the underpass during the monsoon season.
3. Put up traffic lights to improve traffic coordination in the area. 

Our solution was brought up and appreciated among the Save Pune Traffic Movement (SPTM) organization. We would really appreciate your support in this movement.

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