Improve the recycling facilities in Edenbridge supermarkets

Improve the recycling facilities in Edenbridge supermarkets

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Why this petition matters

Started by Laura Hiller

Here in Edenbridge TN8 Kent UK, residents have to put a lot of plastic packaging into our black general waste sacks. The black sacks are incinerated.  This releases greenhouse gases into our atmosphere and contributes to the global climate emergency.  Our negative impact would be lower if more plastic packaging could be recycled here in Edenbridge.

We are asking the HQs of our Edenbridge supermarkets - Waitrose, Lidl, Homebargains and Tesco - to provide us with good recycling facilities in Edenbridge which match up with what is possible in Sainsburys, Tesco and the Co-op in many other towns. 

Customers of Edenbridge supermarkets please join with us and sign this petition.  Also, you may like to join a group of locals who help one another to live more sustainably here in Edenbridge.  Email: for more information.  We have a facebook group also called "Sustainable Edenbridge".

Here is a list of what can be recycled at our nearest Tesco with recycling facilities in Riverhead.  We would like something similar at all our Edenbridge stores.

Baby, pet food, detergent and cleaning pouches
Biscuits and chocolate wrapping
Bread bags
Cereal liners
Cheese, fish and meat wrapping
Crisp and sweet bags
Delivery bags
Frozen food bags
Multi-pack wrapping
Plastic carrier bags
Plastic film lids
Salad, pasta, and rice bags
Toilet roll wrapping


43 have signed. Let’s get to 50!