Improve the quality of food at Fairfield University

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We're back. 

Twelve months ago, we created a petition for one reason: to improve the quality of food at Fairfield University. We did this because we fundamentally believed—and still do—that the food we consume at the University should look great, taste even better, and that the source should be made transparent. In our time at Fairfield, this wasn't—and hasn't—been the case.

Thousands of parents and students viewed, commented on, and signed the petition. Just as we did, they wanted change. Unfortunately, change didn’t come.

The University invested heavily in new infrastructure, but hardly fulfilled the promises made behind closed doors. If the University Dining Room were a car, the University merely changed the design, but kept the same, substandard engine.

This substandard engine—the food being served—costs standard meal plan holders ~$26 a day. And for on-campus upperclassmen, the price will be even higher next year.

  • The standard meal plan costs $5,530 per year.
  • That is $2,675 per semester.
  • Students receive 14 swipes a week.
  • This equates to ~$13 a swipe, or ~$26 a day.

What, and where could you eat with ~$26 a day? This is what keeps us up at night. If this—and the quality of food—keeps you up at night, we are asking for your support.

How can you help?

  • Sign and share the petition to show your support. The leaders of the University will see these signatures.
  • Leave a voicemail to the University.
  • Complete a 10-second survey:

Over the past twelve months, we have worked with wonderful people of great integrity, who have unconditionally upheld the mission of Fairfield University, including but not limited to James Fitzpatrick. For that, we are grateful. These people are great carpenters that lack the tools to enact the change we seek.

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