Improve the lighting down the Chelmsford bunnywalks

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Across the past year, Chelmsford residents have been landed with news articles detailing horrific attacks on people down the bunny walks area - in fact, Essex Live has a page dedicated to the "timeline of crime" for the area! To most people who live in Chelmsford, including myself, it can be seen as extremely intimidating and threatening to step foot near the bunny walks at night.

In December 2016, the new Bond St. renovations were opened in Chelmsford, where the pathways leading to and fro. are the bunny walks themselves, yet my partner and I have noticed the lighting in the area to be much dimmer - even flickering - since the renovations were opened to the public.

£23 million is currently being spent on a new leisure centre in Chelmsford, to improve Riverside - coincidentally, along the bunny walks! This petition will be sent to Chelmsford City Council to ensure that post-development, we have adequate lighting, moreover to dim the fears Chelmsford residents have once our brand new leisure centre is open, as this will be how many residents get there.