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Battlefield 4 is probably one of the most action packed eSport games to date. There’s constant action from start to finish thanks to the compact maps, defibrillators and spawn system. For Battlefield 4 to prosper as an eSport there are some changes that need to be implemented to improve the experience for both our future Battlefield 4 champions and their old and new fans following their way to the top!

Improvement #1: EA/DICE should implement a pause function that freeze all players and stops the ticket bleed.

Not all matches are technically flawless. During a match there could for example occur a disconnection or game crash. Without a pause function the opposing team would have an advantage until the affected player is back inside the game. Then there’s also the frustration of knowing that your team has been at a disadvantage that could put a player or a team completely out of their game.

All major eSport titles does have a pause function to help counter problems like this.

Improvement #2:  EA/DICE should implement a match-mode that automatically switches the side of players after the 1st round has completed and removes the tickets from the loosing team based on the remaining tickets of the winning team.

Today the ticket rules on 5on5 domination is hard to follow for the new crowd. The system is really simple, the one with the most tickets left after 2 rounds on 1 map wins. On the 2nd round this get complicated because the ticket count does not take into account he tickets from the 1st round. This means that the players, the spectators and the casters has to keep track of the ticket count form the 1st round. This also makes it extremely hard to follow a match if you missed the first round.

Improvement #3: EA/DICE should implement support for LAN servers.

The Internet can sometimes be unreliable. Lagspikes could occur or the internet connection could break. To avoid this from happening and lowering response times (ping) for the players LAN server should be implemented.


Battlelog could still be used a connection broker to help the players easily connect to the server, but a console option should also be present. Server and Client communication to Battlelog should not be required but instead best effort and low priority. This to minimize the impact on the game for the players.

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