Improve Accessibility to Emerson Resources

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"Emerson College educates students to assume positions of leadership in communication and the arts and to advance scholarship and creative work that brings innovation, depth, and diversity to these disciplines."

This is Emerson College's mission statement. They want their students to succeed by expanding on their creativity. However, they DO NOT make this easy. For any major, there are restrictions. Here are some examples:

  • The equipment distribution center does not give equipment to people unless they are VMA majors or Journalism majors. To further this restriction, you are only allowed to rent out equipment if you are currently enrolled in a production class. Even when you are enrolled in a production class, freshman are very limited to low-level equipment.
  • It is a requirement for musical theater majors to participate in voice lessons during their years at this school. The music lessons Emerson offers are extremely expensive, which makes it very hard for students to have that kind of instruction. 
  • Many of Emerson’s top competitor colleges offer 24 hour studio access, however here at Emerson they are only open until 11:00 P.M. This provides a significant time restraint for students to freely explore their art through theater, dance, and music

These are just a few examples of a bigger issue. Emerson College makes it difficult for students to express their creative side, which is something that is necessary for student success. With a tuition of $42,908 (which is currently in the process of being raised), we should have more resources provided and accessible to us. 

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