Improve service delivery at the public hospitals

Improve service delivery at the public hospitals

13 October 2022
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H.E Hon. Johnson Sakaja (Governor of Nairobi county) and 6 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by Tony Ngala

Judy Muthoni, the mother to a two-year-old boy who had a fork Jembe Logged in his skull has shared the devastating news that her son passed on while undergoing surgery. The news of the young boy spread all over social media today, after reports that he had not received any treatment despite being in the facility for long hours.

Confirming the news of her son's death, the mother blamed the doctors for taking too long to conduct the procedure. Netizens criticized the hospital for keeping the young boy in waiting considering his painful, unfortunate condition.

Though the hospital responded by releasing a statement claiming that the boy had lost a lot of blood and the procedure he required was delicate, the quality of services at the public hospital still remains wanting. 

It goes without saying that the majority of the Kenyan population seeks health care services in public hospitals. Access to quality health is a fundamental human right, this transcends from not only being able to access the medical facilities near you but also being able to be attended to in a manner that is timely and dignifying.

When Kenyans proposed in the new constitution that the management of public hospitals be shifted to the county government, their hopes and aspiration were that this would improve the quality of services and ensure accessibility of the facilities to the general public. Over a decade down the line, the mediocre management of public hospitals has remained the same as was in the old dispensation. Long queues, crowded wards, lack of medicine, and unmotivated and overworked staff still remain the characteristics that describe these critical facilities and as a result, many lives continue to be lost unnecessarily. 

Sign this petition to Join me in calling :

The Ministry of Health and the county government to give adequate support to the public facilities by providing them with adequate basic equipment to perform their duties. 
The county government to ensure that the hospitals are sufficiently staffed to avoid staff working long hours 
The director of medical services and the Kenya Medical Practitioners and dentist board ensure that the staff adheres to the code of conduct in their duty  
The hospital staffs are adequately trained and supported in maintaining human dignity first (no patient should die because there was a delay in treatment because they had no money).  


Support now
Signatures: 1,232Next Goal: 1,500
Support now


  • H.E Hon. Johnson SakajaGovernor of Nairobi county
  • The Ministry of Health KenyaThe Ministry of Health Kenya
  • The Director of Medical ServicesThe Ministry of Health Kenya
  • Office of the OmbudsmanOffice of the Ombudsman
  • Council of GovernorsCouncil of Governors